January 26, 2007

Forgiveness, the Cement of Community Life

Community is not possible without the willingness to forgive one another 'seventy-seven times' [which means infinity times infinity] (see Matthew 18:22). Forgiveness is the cement of community life. Forgiveness holds us together through good and bad times, and it allows us to grow in mutual love.

But what is there to forgive or to ask forgiveness for? As people who have hearts that long for perfect love, we have to forgive one another for not being able to give or receive that perfect love in our everyday lives. Our many needs constantly interfere with our desire to be there for the other unconditionally. Our love is always limited to spoken or unspoken conditions. What needs to be forgiven? We need to forgive one another for not being God!
—Henri J. M. Nouwen

Source: The January 24 entry of Bread for the Journey: A Daybook of Wisdom and Faith by Henri J. M. Nouwen. HarperSanFrancisco 1996 ISBN13: 978-0060663766.
Thank you, David,for sharing this with me via a recent email. Blessings, dear friend.

Posted by niganit at January 26, 2007 12:21 PM
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