January 3, 2007

On Exporting Democracy

Because of our basic unity, we can afford to be divided on specific issues. Democracy is about differences and contesting them in the public sphere, and it only works when there is basic agreement about the fundamentals. We should feel fortunate that we have a democratic history and set of beliefs. Those beliefs can be imported by those who want them and donít have them, but they canít be exported. We can only create a context where others would want to import them.
—Michael Mandelbaum in his book, The Case for Goliath

Source: A Hanging and a Funeral by Thomas L. Friedman published in the New York Times, Wednesday, January 3, 2007. [requires registration and subscription for op-ed piece]
See also:
The Case for Goliath: How American Acts as the World's Government in the Twenty-First Century by Michael Mandelbaum at Powell's Books.

Posted by niganit at January 3, 2007 7:46 AM
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