December 26, 2006

Victory at Trenton, 1776

In justice to the Officers and Men, I must add, that their Behaviour upon this Occasion, reflects the highest honor upon them. The difficulty of passing the River in a very severe Night, and their march thro' a violent Storm of Snow and Hail, did not in the least abate their Ardour. But when they came to the Charge, each seemed to vie with the other in pressing forward, and were I to give a preference to any particular Corps, I should do great injustice to the others.
—General George Washington, 1776

Source: The Library of Congress' The Learning Page, Washington Describes Victory at Trenton, New Jersey, December 27, 1776
On this day, December 26, 1776, the American Continental Army defeated the Hessian soldiers garrisoned in support of the British Army at Trenton, New Jersey, after crossing the Delaware River in the late evening of Christmas Day.

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