March 8, 2005

Mt. Saint Helens Erupts March 8, '05

Mount Saint Helens Erupts March 8, 2005 mtshelen4_8mar05.JPG

Rich & Carol Wersinger 08 MAR 05

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We took this shot on Mar. 8, 2005 about 1735 PST Mar. 8, 2005, very shortly after the eruption was observed. We are about 30 miles sw of Mount Saint Helens. This eruption started in earnest about 1720 pst today. The ash plume altitude was estimated at 30,000 feet

I see the mind of the 5-year-old as a volcano with two vents: destructiveness and creativeness.
—Sylvia Ashton-Warner

We stood with less than a dozen of our neighbors in profound awe at the raw power of mother nature. We could see in the ash plume some of the newest soil of Mother Earth's surface. We were witnessing Mother Earth recycling at her finest. We were grateful that we stood upwind of the ash plume and were in no immediate danger. See the Mt Saint Helens National Monument VolcanoCam Live Images Archives.

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