February 15, 2005

Ants in the Lunchroom

Appearing this morning at quarter past nine
they entered our lunchroom and mustered a line.
They seemed to be dancing, or whistling a tune,
then ran out the door with a fork and a spoon.

They quickly came back for a knife and a plate,
not bothered at all by the size or the weight.
They grabbed all the glasses and cups they could find.
They bagged every bowl, leaving nothing behind.

They worked through the morning, 'til mid-afternoon,
and carried off every last saucer and spoon.
They searched every shelf and they emptied each drawer,
then pilfered the platters and dashed out the door.

They put on a truly impressive display
until they were finished and wandered away.
Although we were puzzled, we had to conclude
those ants were no dummies; they left all the food.

Source: Kiddie Thoughts: Thoughtful Poems Ants in the Lunchroom

This entry is dedicated to my friend and fellow poetry lovers Tucker and Hannah.
Tucker's Mom, Krista, shared with me the other day about how Tucker memorized this poem, and recited the entire poem at his school's poetry workshop, parents and schoolmates all. His Mom told me how splendidly he did, and that he got tremendous laughs and applause.
Hannah's Mom told me about Hannah's original poem and that she confidently and proudly recited her poem at the poetry program.
I am inspired by these two wonderful children's deep love of poetry.
Aho, Tucker and Hannah

Posted by niganit at February 15, 2005 9:24 PM
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