August 11, 2004

Universal Human Rights

I write this on the 86th birthday [July 19, 2004] of Nelson Mandela, who is also a chair-man. He is the chairman of the social conscience of the human race. He never gave up he never gave in. He is the living proof that the long goal, the great dream, is paid for by those who do what they can with what they have where they are, day by day by day by day. Until someday, when humankind realizes how far we have come by virtue of the steadfastness of those who have clear maps in their minds for the invisible road that leads to universal human rights. Every day he persevered moved us all further down the road.
---Robert Fulghum

Source: Robert Fulghum's Current Stories, July 19, 2004 entry.

On this day, we celebrate the ninety-second birthday of my dear Father-in-Law, Earl. He is truly an inspiration and a friend. I cherish his brotherhood, and his faith and love in me and my sweet bride and wife, his daughter. I can only hope to be half as vibrant and full of life when I am 92 as he is today. Bless you, Dad.

Posted by niganit at August 11, 2004 8:53 AM
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