May 22, 2004

Begin to Live

We cannot predict the exact hour or day we begin to live:
when we not only accept others, but learn to accept ourselves, discovering our passions and pursuing them fearlesssly.
May we perservere to create a better world through compassion for humanity and reverence for a purpose higher than our own. With utmost strength, we hope to exceed expectations in the face of adversity while upholding a strong sense of moral conviction. By inspiring future generations, we will take pride in knowing we did not only walk the road but left footprints for all to follow.
---Cinco Ranch High School, Class of 2004

Source: Vision Statement Class of 2004, Cinco Ranch High School, Katy (TX) Independent School District
Mr.W's nephew is a member of this Class of 2004. Graduated May 21, 2004.

Posted by niganit at May 22, 2004 10:09 AM
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